We Match Donors is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to reducing the time 
involved in matching transplant candidates with organ and tissue donors. Most donor matching 
services charge to list a patient in need of an organ - our service is free.



Organ Donation is a unique procedure, which involves the transplantation and removal of workable organs from the donor to the receiver. However, the receiverís body must match with the organ given by the donor. This lessens the chances of rejection of a particular organ.

Currently, thousands of people around the globe require organ transplantation, which can help to save as well as improve his health condition. However, the demand for organs always exceeds supply. Numerous patients die, as there are not enough organs available to be transplanted. 
Transplantation, moreover, can be termed as one of the most incredible accomplishments of contemporary medicine. A living example of the technical advancements taking place in medical science transplantation is stated as a miraculous achievement.

With the increasing number of patients all around the sphere, there is a desperate dearth of donors. According to recent research, one among ten patients every year die due to the scarcity of organs. With the increase in number of donors who assure to donate their organs the chances of several people receiving a new life increases.


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